Pakistan Arrested RAW Agent Which Work As Police Officer


In a major breakthrough, the intelligence service and local police arrested a police officer who worked in the Indian Institute of Research and Analysis (RAW).

According to a report in the Gulistan-Echohar district of Karachi, the intelligence-based operation was the arrest of ASI Shehzad Parvez Faisal in Karachi. Several mobile phones, unregistered SIM cards and two grenades were seized during the raid.

According to some sources, police officers have facilitated terrorist activities in the metropolis. It is said that he is also an active target killer, involved in the murder of several key figures.

A source familiar with this development confirmed that he was also in contact with MQM-London and received terrorist tools from the Mahmoud Sidiqui Group.

He was taken to a determined location for further investigation.

A few weeks ago, Karachi police discovered a RAW-MQM London connection line in the port city, which also involved an official from Karachi University.

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